Fire department supervisor reassigned after fatal fire

FILE PHOTO -- A triple-decker home on Bowdoin Street in Providence where a woman died had a long history of code violations. (WJAR)

A fire department supervisor who knew about electrical issues in a deadly apartment building fire in Providence has been reassigned.

The Providence Journal reported that the unidentified supervisor has been moved to an engine company from his post in the Prevention Bureau.

Authorities found an overloaded electrical panel, extension cords, and other violations at the triple-decker at 110 Bowdoin Street several days ahead of the fire.

A city inspector recommended condemning the home, but a pending winter storm slowed the process.

The fire, which broke out on Jan. 6, claimed the life of Lucy Feliciano.

"We care for Lucy, we love Lucy. It’s just horrible this had to happen," Feliciano’s close friend, Barbara Calderon, previously told NBC 10 News.

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