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Extension cord causes explosion that killed cat, injured couple at Providence home

Providence firefighters responded to a burning house at Mink Road and Enfield Avenue in the Elmhurst neighborhood, Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018. (WJAR)

Investigators said an extension cord on a second-floor porch started a fire that destroyed a home in Providence and left two people hurt, as well as killed a cat.

Firefighters were called to the house at the intersection of Mink Road and Enfield Avenue in the Elmhurst neighborhood Thursday at about 9 a.m.

Investigators said the flames spread to a porch area where two propane tanks exploded.

Neighbors said first they heard the sound of the fire roaring next door, saw flames, and then heard and felt some sort of violent explosion.

"It knocked me off my feet. It was loud. Loud enough to blow out the windows in our house, knock me over, knock things off our walls. So, then I picked myself up and that's when police were at my back door, like, two seconds later," said Corinne Southern, who lives nearby.

Chris Flanagan, another neighbor, shared similar sentiments.

"We heard a big boom. We figured it was like a dumpster coming off of a truck or something. About 20 minutes later, we see all the fire trucks and the cops," Flanagan said.

Investigators said a couple home at the time on the second floor suffered minor injuries and that they were taken to a hospital. Their injuries were not considered life-threatening.

"I saw that he whole front porch was engulfed in flames and there was black smoke. My upstairs neighbor, who is a retired elderly gentlemen, actually came, knocked on the back door and said, 'Corinne, the house next door is on fire,'" Southern said.

While one cat died in the fire, two others remain unaccounted for.

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