Fire chief: Pets killed in Seekonk fire

Firefighters pour water on a building at 940 County St. in Seekonk, Tuesday, March 13, 2018. (Providence Canteen photo)

A fire broke out in Seekonk during a winter storm Tuesday, killing a few animals.

Firefighters poured water on a building at 940 County St.

Chief Michael Healy of the Seekonk Fire Department said the structure was a barn that had been converted into three apartments.

Healy said the property used to be the Horton Farm, adding that the family still lives there.

The converted barn is next to the main house, which is listed as the Lt. Gov. Simeon Martin House on the National Historic Register. The main house was not damaged.

Residents in the apartments weren't home at the time, but the chief said a couple of dogs and ferrets died as winds from the nor'easter fanned the flames.

"The biggest conditions we were battling were, obviously, the slippery roads getting here, so that hampered the response time getting here getting set up (and) having enough manpower,” Healy said.

The chief also said they had mutual aid from Rehoboth, including a tanker to assist with water as the nearest hydrant was 1,000 feet away.

The cause is under investigation.

Meanwhile, the snow combined with the wind created some scary moments for a driver on Arcade Avenue when a tree fell right into the road, striking part of his car. Jeff Fagundes, a neighbor, said he heard the loud crashing sound.

"We've got like 30 oak trees in this yard and it's scary in a storm," Fagundes said. "This is not the place to be. It's hairy."

While the driver did not want to speak with NBC 10 News, he appeared to be OK.

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