Former Gordon School teacher accused of sexual assaults was fired from Virginia school

Former Gordon School teacher accused of sexual assaults had been fired from Virginia private school

A teacher accused of sexually assaulting students at the Gordon School in East Providence was fired in the 1970s by a private school in Virginia.

On Friday, leaders of that school notified parents about the Rhode Island allegations.

NBC 10 News obtained a letter sent to parents by the Head of Schools for Foxcroft School Catherine S. McGehee. In it, she says the school had recently become aware of the allegations against Andrew Cohen while he taught at the Gordon School.

She calls the allegations, “disturbing and unconscionable,” and that the school is actively gathering more information about Cohen's time at Foxcroft.

McGehee says Cohen was a teacher at the school for one term in 1970-1971 and that he was terminated.

“It is our belief that Foxcroft never referred or recommended Mr. Cohen for employment anywhere else.” McGehee writes. No reason is given as to why Cohen was terminated but that the school would follow-up with parents as they obtain more information about Cohen’s time at Foxcroft and his termination.

Allegations came to light Monday, when school officials for the Gordon School sent a letter to alumni acknowledging that several former students have accused a former math teacher of sexual abuse.

The letter stated Cohen taught at the school between 1972-1977.

School officials said Cohen was contacted by the attorney serving as their investigator and that he has denied the allegations. The NBC 10 I-Team left a message at Cohen’s home, and knocked on his door, but there has been no response.

Since the school began looking into accusations last year of sex abuse, its investigator has received more credible reports of sexual molestation, backed up by statements from former students, said the direct and detailed letter to alumni.

“These accounts included allegations of numerous instances of inappropriate touching and digital rape that occurred on campus and, in two cases, allegations of rape that occurred off campus,” according to the letter.

It’s unclear where Cohen, who is now 69 years old, has taught since leaving Gordon. He was associated with the Ocean State Theatre Company, which is no longer operating.

A spokesperson for the Rhode Island Attorney General said the Cohen case is under review.

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