Fundraiser held for children of woman killed in domestic attack

Manirino Nkinamubanzi (Police photo)

A fundraiser for a woman who was killed in a domestic abuse

Loved ones affectionately called her Mani, and though she may be gone, Tom's Bao Bao Restaurant in Providence where Manirino Nkinamubanzi used to work is keeping her memory alive.

"We are like a small family here. We would do anything, anything to help," Michael Colabella, the restaurant’s regional director, said.

In November, Nkinamubanzi's children found her dead underneath a pile of laundry in her apartment on Ontario Street on Nov. 10.

Police charged her estranged husband, Bosco Tukamuhabwa, with murder.

Authorities described the case as domestic violence that turned deadly.

"This can't be real. Shock. Utter shock," Colabella said when he found out Nkinamubanzi, who was always described as hardworking, wouldn't ever back to work.

Nkinamubanzi’s boss called to report her missing when she didn't show up for her shift.

Now, her co-workers are helping to coordinate funeral fundraising efforts with other local businesses.

The fundraiser, which was Bayberry Beer Hall on West Fountain Street, included at least 11 local businesses that sponsored food, beer and wine.

Mani leaves behind four children aged 7,10, 15 and 20.

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