Girl Scouts reach out to the local Hispanic community


Local Girl Scouts leaders and troop members gathered in Pawtucket Saturday as part of a push to attract parents and girls from the Hispanic community.

"Making sure that it touches all girls from all ZIP codes, especially our urban cores," Adriana Dawson, the mother of a Girl Scout and a leader of this effort, told NBC 10.

The Girl Scouts say they recognize that the Hispanic community has rapidly grown in Rhode Island.

"Girl Scouting has always been for all girls, yet there's some communities of girls that maybe have not felt as invited or welcomed into the program and we've been working really hard to establish really a community of trust within this community to invite all girls in,"Pam Hyland, CEO of Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England, said.

Girl Scouts leaders made their pitch to join.

"It's about building leadership qualities. It's about exploring career pathways. It's about learning about different cultures and amazing women and history. It's about building future leaders of tomorrow," Dawson said.

From a kids' point of view, there's other stuff, too.

"The best part is almost every week I get to knit. I really love it because I get to hang out with my friends. We get to learn things about pet care and non-bullying," Girl Scout Amaiya WInter, 10, said.

There are currently about 7,000 girls in the Girls Scouts of Southeastern New England.

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