Gov. Raimondo talks about California business-fundraising trip

Governor Gina Raimondo is back in Rhode Island after her trip this week to California, during which she says she touted the Ocean State as a place to do business.

"I say we have a high quality of life, a lot of talent, a lot of colleges and universities," said Governor Raimondo.

She told NBC 10 she met with several companies who may be interested in setting up East coast operations, including Paypal, and a company called Solar City.

"As you know we're growing renewable energy jobs here, so I met with Solar City tried to convince them to open an operation here. You never know what will come of it but you just keep trying," the Governor said.

The Governor's trip included a political fundraising event for her in San Francisco that some have criticized.

"It's still dishonest if you have a hidden agenda on the government dime, or on government time and you don't inform the people about it," said Mike Stenhouse, of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

The Governor said there was never an attempt to hide the political event, she was never asked about it before she left Rhode Island.

She added it's pretty typical for politicians to attend fundraising events while on official business. In fact, her office has a policy for trips that have a mixed purpose which says the percentage of time the governor spends on political events will equal the percentage of the total trip cost the campaign reimburses the state.

"I have a clear policy the taxpayers never pay a penny for any political fundraising I do; I've been clear about that since the day I took office. Any campaigning I do, the campaign reimburses for," said Governor Raimondo.

Raimondo's office said the exact amount the state will be reimbursed will be determined at the end of the fiscal quarter.

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