Forgotten vault rediscovered at Rhode Island State House

A vault was found behind paneling at the Rhode Island State House. (WJAR)

Workers at the Rhode Island State House are taking guesses at what might be hidden behind a recently uncovered vault door.

Construction crews who were remodeling the internship office found the safe hidden behind wood paneling. The vault is believed to have been closed in the 1970s.

From 1904 to 1935 the room behind the vault belonged to the State Returning Board, a body that once oversaw vote counting.

"That's where they collected ballots from elections, and they would bring them back to that facility, store them. The General Assembly would confirm elections," Frank Montanaro, legislative services director for the General Assembly, told NBC 10 News.

State workers say they have no idea what might have been left behind in the vault.

Montanaro said workers are trying to find the combination. If not, they may try safe-cracking.

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