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Hundreds gather in Providence to rally against terrorism

Providence Anti Terrorism Rally (WJAR)
Providence Anti Terrorism Rally (WJAR)
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Around 300 people gathered in Kennedy Plaza in Providence Sunday for a rally against terrorism.

The peaceful protest was organized by Ehsun Mirza, who stressed the importance of everyone but especially Muslim Americans, to speak out against ISIS and others who kill in the name of religion.

"Muslims are not terrorists," said Mirza. "There are criminals within Muslims and they are terrorists and all of us collectively have to call them out."

The group of 300 people included Jews, Christians and Agnostics who were carrying signs and waving American flags.

Many in attendance also want to stop the hate speech and dehumanization of Muslims that has increased since the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.

"If more people of goodness and consciousness speak up I think we can push back that wave of ignorance and negativity," said Abdul-Latif Sackor, Imam at the Islamic Center of Rhode Island.

Organizer said they will continue to host peaceful protests because they want to show the community what it truly means to be a Muslim. Stressing that Muslim Americans are Americans first.

"I just want my children to be able to walk the streets with their heads held high just like any other American would," said Mirza.

The Islamic Center of Rhode Island and Brown University are both hosting events this week calling for the end of terrorism in the name of religion.

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