Husband loves Pats, wife roots for Eagles

Brandon is a New England Patriots fan, while Connie cheers for the Philadelphia Eagles. (WJAR)

There may be trouble in paradise for one Rhode Island couple.

Brandon and Connie Lemois of Cumberland are on opposite sides of the upcoming Super Bowl.

Brandon is a New England Patriots fan, while Connie cheers for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The couple has taken to Facebook Live to share their story and the videos have attracted thousands of viewers from around the world.

"It's been fun,” Connie told NBC 10 News on Friday. “It's really fun interacting with people. It's been fun at our church. Our church is really getting into it."

Connie and Brandon both teach at the Community Covenant Church in Rehoboth and they like to bring their rooting interests with them in front of the congregation. They've even turned to pastor friends for counseling during their Facebook Live broadcasts.

Brandon is a Cumberland native, while Connie grew up in the Philadelphia area. Her grandfather is Eagles great, tight end Dick Lucas. She and Brandon met in the Philadelphia area after college and now, parents of two, they take turns dressing their kids up in gear from each team.

Depending on which parent you ask, their kids’ rooting interests can change.

"I just said five rings to zero rings," said Brandon. "It doesn't take much to convince them."

"A family divided can't stand,” added Connie. “So, I sacrifice to keep us together."

Sunday can't come soon enough for the couple. While their household rivalry is all in fun, the Super Bowl is serious business.

The couple wants you, the viewers, to decide on a friendly wager based on the game. Should the winner have to take the loser out to a fancy dinner? A nice vacation? Something else? You tell us by commenting on our Facebook page!

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