Inexpensive camera alerts victim of break-in, police call evidence 'irrefutable'

Inexpensive camera alerts victim of break-in. (WJAR)

An inexpensive home security camera helped alert a Westport woman to a break-in at her apartment as it was happening while she was at work on Monday afternoon.

She was able to call police and they responded as the suspect was still in her apartment.

The victim, a woman in her 20s, bought a small security camera that plugs directly into a wall outlet and looks like a charging cube for a mobile phone. It connected to her cell phone and alerted her to movement inside her apartment. When she pulled up the video feed on her phone she saw a man inside going through her things.

“It was what got him caught," said Detective Jeff Majewski of the Westport police. "The surveillance video got him caught.”

Majewski said the victim also had a break-in a week earlier, prompting her to invest in the security camera.

“It’s irrefutable," said Majewski of the video. "This guy is denying being in there but we’re looking at a picture of his face, his clothes, everything else.”

When Westport police arrived at the woman’s apartment, she was able to watch the suspect run across the hall to another apartment where his girlfriend lives. He was hiding in a closet when police put him under arrest.

“He did fight with the police and he told police that he had a pretty significant jail sentence hanging over his head in Rhode Island," explained Majewski.

Police arrested 38-year-old Kevin Dias of Tiverton and said he also also had items that were allegedly stolen from last week’s break-in, so he was charged in both incidents.

“We were able to view the surveillance video right there at the scene and he was hiding and he matched so we arrested him," said Majewski.

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