Known gang member arrested after police find loaded gun

Daviel Lara, 20, of Providence, R.I. was arrested by Woonsocket police after they found him with a loaded gun. (Courtesy Woonsocket PD)

Woonsocket police arrested a man after finding a loaded gun under the passenger's side seat.

Police arrested Daviel Lara, 20, of Providence on Friday after two officers found a loaded .45 caliber gun with four live rounds. None were found in the chamber.

Lara, a known gang member out of Worcester, Massachusetts, was arrested after Woonsocket Police Officers Martinsen and Cox stopped Lara's Jeep Cherokee.

After police stopped the car, a dispatcher alerted officers that the operator was flagged as being known to carry firearms. That's when police removed Lara and the driver and searched the unregistered car.

Lara was subsequently charged with License or Permit required for carrying a pistol.

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