Lawyer: Man accused of assaulting teacher remains hospitalized

Marcus Schlip (WJAR)

A man accused of assaulting a teacher at Portsmouth High School did not appear in court Tuesday for a bail review hearing.

Marcus Schlip's lawyer told the court that his client remains hospitalized at Butler Hospital.

A judge ordered Schlip, 22, to undergo a mental health evaluation after he tried to force his way into the school last week.

When gym teacher Risha Pelligrino opened the door to redirect Schlip to the main office, police said he punched Pelligrino in the head and kicked her multiple times in the arm while she was on the floor.

Now, the school said it is increasing security.

“In an effect to provide additional safety for our students and staff at PHS, we have arranged for a security officer who will vet visitors to our school during the school day," Principal Joseph N. Amaral said in a message he sent to staff members Tuesday morning. "This provision will be in place until a buzzer/lock camera system has been installed.”

Superintendent Ana Riley told NBC 10 News if all goes according to plan, the new system will be installed within the next four to five days. The police detail presence at the school will be in addition to its school resource officer.

Schlip's lawyer said his client has been compliant with conditions set forth by the judge.

Another bail review hearing was set for April 3.

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