Local Patriots fans, businesses gear up for playoff game

The Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. whisky distillery in South Kingstown has a challenge for Tennessee’s finest. (Screen grab from Facebook)

Tennessee knows its whisky.

But here in New England, we like to think we know our football.

Those two worlds are colliding at the Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. whisky distillery in South Kingstown, where the company has a challenge for Tennessee’s finest.

“We are back for another whisky wager as the Pats are set to crush the Titans this Saturday night,” said Bryan Ricard in a video posted on the company's Facebook page.

The video shows Sons of Liberty employees offering the Jack Daniels people a cased of Rhode Island whisky if the Titans beat the Patriots on Saturday night.

“We started this idea three or four years ago," said Ricard. "We started betting some rival cities that the Patriots would play and it started catching fire.”

While the Sons of Liberty are building quite a collection from their wagers, this is about business. It is proving to be a low-cost but highly effective marketing technique.

“Whenever we do this we have people all over the country that haven’t heard of us and they’re like, ‘Oh wow I love these guys,’” said Ricard.

From whisky to vodka -- up the road at the Back Forty restaurant in North Kingstown, they’re mixing up a special drink for the game called the Home Field Fizz.

The recipe includes an ounce-and-a-half of Keel vodka, a half-ounce of honey ginger liqueur and a splash of lemon juice. That’s all poured over ice and topped off with a ginger beer.

Keel vodka is a Rhode Island brand based in Newport, and of course, Back Forty is owned by Miss Universe and Cranston native Olivia Culpo and her family. Her boyfriend, Patriots receiver Danny Amendola, is no stranger to the staff there, and fans pack the place on game days.

“We have some great options. It’s very exciting that we have three/four bar TVs. We have a super-comfy couch that bar patrons can sit on -- just like home,” said bartender Corey D'Ambra.

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