Police: Man arrested on 'drugged driving' charges

Raymond Morin (Police photo)

A man is facing drug charges after they said a cloud of marijuana smoke plumed from his car during a traffic stop on Gifford Road in Westport.

Police said Raymond Morin, 35, of Acushnet, was driving 28 miles per hour on a 55 mile per hour road Sunday around 7:30 p.m. He had his left turn signal on for several hundred feet and passed four possible turn offs.

When police approached his car, they said they saw the smoke pour from the vehicle and also noticed marijuana crumbs and residue in his lap.

Morin told an officer he had smoked a blunt, with police also finding a small amount of weed inside a Tupperware container in his car. He then proceed to fail a drug assessment test.

Officer Jarrod Levesque, who is a drug recognition expert, administered an assessment test, which Morin failed.

“(Drug recognitions experts) are becoming more valuable in recent months since marijuana legalization has increased recreational drug use which has carried over to an increase locally of drugged driving," police noted.

Morin was charged with operating under the influence of drugs. He also received a $500 violation for having an open container of marijuana inside his car.

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