Man charged in string of Providence break-ins

A Providence man is thanking NBC 10 News after he was reunited with his dog, Noodles, who was believed to have been stolen from his home by an intruder. (Randy Moy)

Providence police have arrested a man they say is behind at least seven break-ins in the city.

Jose Ramos will likely be connected to more, police said.

The arrest comes just days after Randy Moy, a resident of River Avenue, told NBC 10 News that his apartment was broken into and his dog, Noodles, was stolen, as well as a laptop, a camera and an iPad.

The robbery was caught on camera. Noodles returned home Wednesday after people found him wandering around North Providence.

Another resident in the neighborhood said her home was also broken into the following day. The suspect stole a television and two iPads. That incident was also recorded by a security camera.

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