Man convicted of murder in violent home invasion

Dari Garcia (WJAR)

A Rhode Island man has been convicted of fatally shooting another man and gnawing part of a woman's finger off during a violent home invasion.

Twenty-seven-year-old Dari Garcia was found guilty Tuesday of first-degree murder and other offenses in Providence.

Prosecutors say the Providence man killed 27-year-old Richard Catalano in North Providence in 2014. They say that during the struggle, he also bit off part of Catalano's mother's finger and pistol-whipped his stepfather.

Prosecutors say Garcia was found barricaded inside a room with Catalano's body, apparently having shot himself after being abandoned by his getaway driver. They say nobody else could have killed Catalano.

Garcia's attorney accused witnesses of tailoring their testimony to the prosecution's case. He argued discrepancies in their stories could establish reasonable doubt

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