Man in Providence shooting dies


Providence police say last week's shooting victim on Friendship Street has died.

Police say 25-year-old Shawn Montrond died Saturday night at Rhode Island hospital.

Montrond was critically injured in a shooting October 7th.

The shooting was reported on Friendship Street at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

Investigators said there was also a second victim on Friendship Street and that they believe the two victims were targeted.

The family of Montrond tells NBC 10 he was a "peaceful soul and a man who stayed away from a life of violence".

"He got everybody in the neighborhood to go to church and he got me to believe in God," said Montrond's brother.

Providence police said the shooter is a man, but other than that they're not putting out a description of the suspect.

This is the 6th homicide in Providence so far this year.

The homicide remains under active investigation.

Stay with NBC 10 as we continue to monitor this developing story.

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