Man who pretended to fix Westport fire truck returns more than $15K

Thomas Reardon (Police photo)

A Rhode Island man has been charged with larceny after he allegedly took more than $15,000 to repair a fire truck he didn't fix.

Thomas Reardon appeared in court Tuesday, but a judge dismissed the charges against him because he paid back the money he owed the Westport Fire Department

in full.

Reardon charged the fire department at least $15,000 for work he claimed to have done last summer. But shortly after the truck was returned, the department noticed a leak in question had grown worse, and defective areas had been covered in fresh spray paint rather than fixed.

In December 2017, Reardon returned to the fire house to check on the pumper. Records show he apologized for not making the repair and promised to repay Westport taxpayers.

Reardon owned Ocean State Truck and Diesel on Larkin Pond Road in South Kingstown, a repair service that catered to emergency service vehicles. He asked the fire department to give him more time to pay back the $15,000, but shortly later stopped answering email, phone calls and apparently abandoned his business.

Eventually, Reardon surrendered to police.

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