Man jumps into river in Narragansett to evade police

    Suspect caught in Narragansett (Seasons Albanese)

    A suspect tried to evade police by jumping into a river in Narragansett, but a good Samaritan gave officers a ride on his boat to catch a man wanted for domestic disturbance.

    Marc Lamson, who lives along the Narrow River, said he noticed several police officers and a K9 on his dock Sunday morning and offered to help.

    “I just said, ‘Do you guys want to get in the boat?’ And they're like ‘yeah let's go,’” Lamson said.

    Lamson's wife captured the whole thing on camera. Narragansett Police and Rhode Island Police had both been looking for 30-year-old Breck Holdredge for two separate domestic disturbance incidents. State police said they received a report of a domestic disturbance involving Holdredge in Exeter on Sunday morning. Holdredge also had four outstanding warrants.

    Police found the truck Holdredge had been driving parked at the Mettatuxet Yacht Club Sunday morning and they began searching for him on land, before they discovered he was in the river. Witnesses said Holdredge swam from the Narragansett side of the river to the South Kingstown end.

    Suspect being arrested (Seasons Albanese)

    Lamson said, “He was just saying, ‘I'm not gonna come out. You're gonna have to come get me.’ He was upset about his phone. He says, ‘I got my phone wet.’ It was pathetic actually.”

    Police sent a K-9 into the river and arrested Holdredge in the water.

    “And then my officer from the other boat that was behind him picked him up by the seat of his pants and we got him in the boat,” said Sgt. Kevin Bousquet, of the Narragansett Police Department.

    Seasons Albanese was throwing a baby shower at the Mettatuxet Yacht Club when she saw a swarm of officers at the banks of the river.

    “Everybody was like did you plan this?,” Albanese said. “We’re just sitting there going – ‘Oh my gosh.’”

    Holdredge may look familiar to some. He was one of four fishermen rescued by the Coast Guard in February when their boat sank. This time around, he left shore without a boat but came back in one with police.

    “We'll still get you if you go into the water. We have boats,” Bousquet said.

    Holdredge faces charges of domestic disorderly conduct and resisting arrest for the incident in Narragansett.

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