Men convicted in death of dirt biker sentenced to 19 days

Todd Allen (Police photo)

Two men convicted of covering up the death of a teenage dirt biker in Connecticut more than two years ago will spend less than a month behind bars.

Dustin Warren, 20, and David Howard, 21, each pleaded guilty to interfering with police and first-degree reckless endangerment and were sentenced to two years in prison -- suspended after 19 days.

The Norwich Bulletin reported that the plea deal was scorned by the mother of 18-year-old Todd Allen, the Sterling teen stabbed and bludgeoned to death by 20-year-old Kevin Weismore in December 2016 during a drug robbery.

Prosecutors said they recognize the Allen family's pain, but note the pair was willing to testify against Weismore, leading to his "significant sentence."

Weismore pleaded guilty to murder and is serving 40 years in prison.

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