More stores coming to Warwick will bring additional tax revenue, says mayor

Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian said new area businesses all a part of efforts to make the city thrive and bring in more tax revenues. (WJAR)

More businesses will soon be opening in Warwick.

Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian said it's all a part of efforts to make the city thrive and to bring in more tax revenues.

While the mayor focuses on area re-development, his goal is to pull shoppers away from Providence by having one-of-a-kind Warwick stores, and of course, free parking.

Trader Joe's and Duluth Trading Co. are only in Warwick, while the large At Home store is taking over the old Sam's Club building.

"It's easier to come down here off Bald Hill Road, instead of just going somewhere in Providence,” said one customer who was picking up groceries in Warwick.

So far, the mayor's plans seem to be working.

"They have more stores over here, and bigger parking lots,” said another Warwick customer. “Whereas, Providence is more, kind of cramped."

Warwick has even more attractions in the works.

There are plans for a relocated Dick's Sporting Goods store and a Planet Fitness gym at the Rhode Island Mall, with the tenants to move in by the summer.

New restaurants will also be added to the old tire center building by Sears.

"What do we have -- but more importantly are we missing,” said Avedisian, “And what would fill out that whole retail experience for people and try to get something that is not the ordinary."

Bringing more customers to areas like Bald Hill could mean more city tax revenue. Avedisian said extra city tax revenue will likely be funneled to local schools.

"Our issue is people thinking that they're too far of the city,” said Avedisian. “We keep trying to explain that you're in Rhode Island, everything is 10 to 15 minutes away and really it's not a big deal."

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