Morgan back in custody after manhunt, two other arrested

RI State Police

Donald Morgan is back in Rhode Island State Police custody about 33 hours after he escaped their custody.

The suspect who's accused of taking off in a state police cruiser Thursday morning was caught in Cumberland around 7 o'clock Friday evening.

State police say Morgan has been charged with Escape from custody, Possession of a stolen motor vehicle, Obstructing an officer in execution of duty, Larceny of a motor vehicle, Reckless driving, and Resisting arrest.

"They were trying to pull him out and you could see a definite struggle was happening in the car," Erin Cameron told NBC 10.

Cameron says it happened across from her home on Vermont Ave., telling NBC 10 a red vehicle pulled up and then state and Cumberland police swarmed as the vehicle was in a driveway.

Cameron tells NBC10, "They told them to get out. They got on the ground. The guy in the car, one gentleman stayed in the car and he kept reversing trying to get out of the car. The police told him, get your foot off the gas and they were in the vehicle with him. You could definitely see there was a struggle in the vehicle for sure."

Police say the manhunt for Morgan started when he drove away in a state police cruiser Thursday morning in Providence, after the trooper transporting him following an arrest for possession of a stolen vehicle, stopped to get out at a crash scene.

State police say Morgan was handcuffed in the front because of injuries he suffered during a crash that led to his arrest.

Authorities have said Morgan ditched the cruiser a short time later and a witness told police he got into a white truck, sparking the events that led police to chase a white truck that they say wouldn't stop and rammed other cars, and then police opened fire, killing the driver and wounding a passenger.

But Morgan wasn't there.

On the run a another day.

Police searched again Friday near where the cruiser was found, but the conclusion came in Cumberland.

State police arrested two people, 54-year-old Daniel Medeiros and 47-year-old Rachael Read, on charges of harboring a criminal. Both lived at a home on Vermont Ave in Cumberland

"I definitely heard some tasers. Other than that, they got him him the car and took him away," Cameron told NBC 10.

Morgan will be arraigned on the charges Saturday.

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