Morgan tries to shame Fung using person in chicken suit

    Morgan tries to shame Fung using person in chicken suit. (WJAR)

    GOP Candidate for Governor Patricia Morgan has called her primary opponent Allan Fung “pathetic”, among other choices words, for not committing to more debates.

    Today she used a person in a chicken suit to get the point across.

    The person in the chicken suit joined Morgan at Cranston City Hall today holding a sign that said “I’m afraid to debate Patricia Morgan.”

    “I will participate in any state-wide debate that is either on TV or radio, because the voters deserve to know where we stand as candidates, before they vote for us,” said Morgan today. “Allan Fung is hiding.”

    Fung responded to tweeting from his mayoral account a photo of Morgan and the chicken person holding a doctored sign that read “Take me seriously.”

    In the caption Fung tried to make light of it by writing "I thought I vetoed the chicken ordinance in Cranston,"

    NBC 10 reached out to his campaign which responded “We look forward to debating Mr. Feroce and Rep. Morgan soon. Allan is continuing to travel the state, talking to voters about keeping Rhode Islanders safe, his Cranston success story, and why he’s the only candidate who can beat Governor Raimondo in the fall.”

    GOP Candidate Patricia Morgan poses with person in chicken suit holding the original sign. (WJAR)

    Ahead of the primaries the Fung campaign has only committed to one radio debate. Fung told NBC 10’s Danielle Kennedy that he had agreed to one debate and that’s the one he’ll do.

    The Fung campaign has not directly responded to an invitation to participate in the NBC 10 Republican debate scheduled for September 4.

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