Motorcycle gang kingpin arraigned on 221 counts

Deric "Tuna" McGuire

A man described as a Pagan's kingpin was arraigned Thursday on 221 counts after his arrest in an investigation targeting motorcycle gangs.

Deric "Tuna" McGuire was arrested as part of “Operation Patched Out,” which is being hailed the largest “takedown” in the history of the Rhode Island State Police. More than 50 other suspects also appeared in court.

Rhode Island State Police and federal agents arrested the suspects Wednesday in the Woonsocket area.

Authorities said search warrants were executed in 29 municipalities across the Ocean State, along with four in Massachusetts.

The raids resulted in the seizure of 53 illegal guns and large amounts of heroin, marijuana and cocaine. Other items seized during the bust included stolen ATVs, lawn tractors, and snow blowers.

According to police, the raids involved the use of explosives to breach fortified buildings and heavily-armed SWAT team members, as well as wiretapping.

McGuire was ordered held without bail, while Thomas Mulcahey, who is one of the alleged bikers from another gang, Kryptmen, was charged with four counts including conspiring with McGuire to obtain and deliver cocaine.

Along with the alleged gang members, other people, like Ashley Colorton of Woonsocket, were arrested. She’s accused of intent to distribute Fentanyl.

The judge ordered her held without bail against her defense attorney’s wishes.

“I ask of you to consider setting a high amount of surety bail and sending her back home, judge,” her attorney said. “She has three children -- 3, 6, and 9 years of age.”

As for the other alleged biker gang members and drug dealers that stood in front of the judge, some were held with bail and some others without.

Col. Ann Assumpico of the Rhode Island State Police called the gangs “sinister” and said it’s been a priority to keep them from establishing a foothold in the state. She added that there are still close to a dozen more suspects at large.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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