Nathan Carman refuses to disclose medical records, information about missing mother

Nathan Carman 

A man rescued after more than a week at sea has refused to answer questions about his mother, who remains missing -- and is presumably dead.

Nathan Carman's aunts claim he was the last person to see his mother, as well as his grandfather, alive. He's a person of interest in both deadly cases.

A lawsuit against him states he won't disclose his mental health history, along with records of past criminal history or any boat-related transactions before the boat sank.

Carman's attorneys said the requests are irrelevant or don't meet lawsuit disclosure requirements

It's been one year since the mystery at sea began in Rhode Island. Carman went on a fishing trip with his mother.

Now, he's at the center of a legal battle, as his aunts are trying to block him from receiving millions of dollars from his murdered grandfather's estate.

Earlier this month, Carman filed paperwork to represent himself in court.

NBC 10 legal analyst Mark Dana said it could be a potentially disastrous move because he hasn't been charged with murder, adding that anything Carman says could be used against him for an investigation about murder.

Carman’s aunts want the court to declare him a killer. They allege he murdered his millionaire grandfather, John Chakalos, in Connecticut in 2013. In fact, he was a person of interest in his Chakalos' murder.

Then, tragedy struck the family again in 2016.

Carman and his mom, Linda, set out from Ram Point Marina in South Kingstown for an overnight fishing trip. Eight days later, Carman was found in a life raft and rescued by a cargo ship, while Linda was never found.

Carman told the Coast Guard his aluminum boat, which was called The Chicken Pox, took on water and

Crime Watch Daily, a newsmagazine show that airs on NBC 10, visited Rhode Island to talk with a reporter about covering the many mysteries surrounding Carman. Among them -- what happened aboard The Chicken Pox?

Carman’s insurance company denied his claim on the boat and said the sinking was caused by his own intentional acts.

Crime Watch Daily focuses on the Carman investigation during Thursday's show, which airs at 2 p.m.

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