NBC 10’s Patrice Wood inducted into RI Heritage Hall of Fame

NBC 10’s Patrice Wood (center) has been inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame. From left: Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi; James P. Riley; Spencer W. Viner, Esq.; Congressman Patrick Kennedy; Wood; Ronald R.S. Picerne; Congressman Ronald Machtley; Kenneth R. Dooley and Judge Francis Darigan, Jr. (Photo courtesy of Richard McCaffrey)

NBC 10’s Patrice Wood has been inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame, which is the highest civic honor an individual can receive in Rhode Island.

“I am deeply touched to be selected by the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame, to stand with the most revered and accomplished, including my fellow inductees,” Wood said Saturday night as she accepted the award during a ceremony at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick.

“As I look out into this audience, at each one of you, I see all of the people I have been watching and reporting on for the past 38 years,” she said. “I have been blessed to have a ringside seat to watch all of you at work and it is a fascinating show. For a journalist in Rhode Island, you are the gift that keeps on giving -- and I mean that in a good way.”

Wood, who moved to Providence from Rockford, Ohio when she was 24 years old, has been working at NBC 10 since February 1980. She is the longest-serving female newscaster in Rhode Island history.

“I would like to thank Channel 10, Vic Vetters and Scott Isaacs for allowing me to continue to do the job I love so much,” Wood said. “I want to thank everyone at Channel 10 behind and in front of the camera.”

Dr. Patrick T. Conley, who is the president of the RI Heritage Hall of Fame, extended congratulations to the 2018 honorees, including Wood.

“By your achievements, you have honored not only your family, your mentors and your friends -- you have honored Rhode Island,” he said.

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