New Bedford man accused of beating his dog over a burger

New Bedford man accused of beating his dog over a burger. (WJAR)

A New Bedford man accused of beating his dog with a baseball bat told police he did it because 'the dog ate his Whopper.'

Gregory Ostiguy, 50, is charged with animal cruelty. Dartmouth Police said drivers witnessed the abuse happening near Colonial Way and notified police Friday. Police said Ostiguy was hitting the dog in the head with the bat in a vehicle.

"Officers observed a dog in the passenger seat with a harness on shaking," prosecutor Christine Letsche said. "Officers asked [Ostiguy] why he was yelling. The defendant stated he was upset because he had worked all day and the dog ate his Whopper."

The dog was taken to Anchor Animal Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The dog's current condition is unknown.

Defense attorney Lauren Brewer said Ostiguy is homeless and a Marine Corps veteran suffering from PTSD.

Letsche said Ostiguy's nine-page criminal record includes assault, animal cruelty and other charges. He has served prison time for assault on a police officer.

Judge Katie Rayburn set bail at $5,000. If Ostiguy makes bail, he must report to his probation officers twice a week and cannot own any animals.

He is scheduled to appear in court June 18.

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