North Carolina braces for more effects of Florence

    The impact of super storm Florence is still being felt in the Carolinas. (WJAR)

    The impact of super storm Florence is still being felt in the Carolinas.

    At least 33 people have died and people in North Carolina are bracing for even more flooding.

    NBC 10’s Ashley Cullinane was in Trenton on assignment Tuesday, as residents were being evacuated.

    Meanwhile, others have been waiting to get out, with flooding roads making it impossible.

    “This is, like, water just came out of any and everywhere,” said Lavondra Friar, a resident.

    Friar, along with many others, have questions and concerns.

    “Everywhere is flooded and most of us are born and raised here and all of our family is here, so where are you going to go?” one woman said. “How do you go when you have nothing?”

    But there is hope. Friar couldn’t believe who showed up at her door to rescue her.

    “This 70-something year old woman got in her personal car and took five strangers somewhere,” Friar said. “She really didn’t know she was going to be able to take us, but she was determined.”

    Professional rescue teams rushed in as floodwaters reached 10 feet in some areas. The efforts included dozens of emergency responders from New England.

    Yet, nearly 350,000 customers are still without power in North Carolina. The state is expecting major flooding this week.

    “This feels like a nightmare that just won't end,” Gov. Roy Cooper.

    As towns have been torn apart, families are trying to stay together.

    “All we can do is help one another,” Friar said. “That’s about it.”

    NBC 10 News is standing strong with our friends and colleagues in the Carolinas as they recover from Florence. Join us as we support our relief effort by donating to the Salvation Army. Click here to donate.

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