Nurse accused of raping nursing home residents

A 57-year-old Fall River man has been accused of sexually assaulting residents at a nursing home, according to authorities. (WJAR)

A 57-year-old Fall River man has been accused of sexually assaulting residents at a nursing home.

A spokeswoman for the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office told NBC 10 News Wednesday that Jacob King was charged with three counts of rape that are related to alleged incidents at the Savoy Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Country Street in New Bedford.

The spokeswoman noted that two victims were involved and that the incidents occurred in September and November.

While Judge Robert Ovoian found King to be a danger, King was released on home confinement.

King was ordered to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet, as well as stay away from the nursing home and the two alleged victims.

Lori Hathaway told NBC 10 News that she was a patient at the center for more than a year and had plenty of interaction with King.

"He could be mean in the sense of yelling at people for no reason," Hathaway said, noting that he sometimes made her uncomfortable.

But she added that the allegations were unexpected.

“He never approached me and I never heard of him approaching anybody else in there,” Hathaway said.

Esmeralda Demelo, who lives near King, said he mostly kept to himself.

"I heard stories, rumors and stuff. And I just didn't think much of it because he seemed nice," said Demelo.

The two often just exchanged general greetings.

"A little odd, mostly kept to himself," Demelo said.

NBC 10 visited Savoy to get answers, but no staff members would speak and no one picked up the phone when a reporter called.

NBC 10 also went to King’s last known address, but no one came to the door.

King is scheduled to return to New Bedford District Court on Dec. 20.

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