100-wheel truck on I-95 going nowhere fast

A truck hauling a generator is stopped on Interstate 95 in Warwick because it's too heavy for any of the state's bridges. (WJAR)

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation is figuring out what to do with a flatbed truck hauling a giant generator that's stopped at the side of Interstate 95 in Warwick because the DOT says it's too heavy for any bridges in the state.

The truck is carrying a 560,000-pound generator from Quonset.

On Tuesday morning, RIDOT says one of its own engineers saw the super load heading away from Quonset in North Kingstown. The curiosity factor has been causing traffic delays.

It was loaded onto a heavy-duty trailer for delivery to Massachusetts, even though it should have never turned a wheel due to its extreme weight.

RIDOT says "Bay Crane" is in charge of the move, and according to DOT director Peter Alviti, the company should know better than to move load that's much too heavy for the highway.

That big yellow tarp hides an enormous load: a generator riding on a 16-axle trailer, pulled by about 100 tires.

“I could care less what made them do what they want to do,” said Alviti. “I know they're not going any further.”

If the flatbed truck hadn't been stopped, it would have crossed almost 40 bridges, some of them structurally deficient.

RIDOT says a bridge collapse was very likely.

RIDOT is now figuring out how to move the truck off the road without causing road damage, which would cost taxpayers.

NBC 10 asked what the company's explanation was as to why they proceeded anyways without permit approval.

“None,” said Alviti.

NBC 10 also Bay Crane in Smithfield for answers, asking why a time frame issue was enough to hit the road, despite not getting a clear permit approval.

The Bay Crane spokesperson expected they'd get the permit, so the company doesn't believe it did anything wrong.

RIDOT expects it will take days or potentially weeks to move the overweight trailer off the highway.

If a safe route can't be found, the generator may need to be disassembled along the shoulder of I-95.

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