Parents of abused baby facing charges

Olalekan Olawusi, Arinola Olawusi (Police photos)

Providence police said Tuesday that they arrested and filed charges against the parents of a 3-month-old baby with broken bones.

Police said the couple's baby was found critically injured Monday afternoon in the family's West End home after the father called 911.

Prosecutors said the infant had at least a dozen fractures in his skull, arms and legs. He also had bite marks on his body and was found unconscious.

As a result, police arrested Arinola Olawusi, 33, and Olalekan Olawusi, 40.

While Arinola was charged with cruelty and neglect of a child, Olalekan was charged with first and second degree child abuse.

"The defendant's wife indicated that the defendant admitted to biting this baby, and warned him on numerous occasions that pulling the baby's legs to make him grow and strong was not the correct way of handling the baby," Shannon Signore, Providence special assistant district attorney, said during the father's first court appearance Tuesday.

Police said the infant's injuries could have been inflicted as early as the day he was born, which was right around Christmas.

Authorities said the child's mother had published a motivational self-help book last spring in which she wrote about "helping pregnant and worried women ... and their children."

Maj. David Lapatin said the graphic child neglect case wasn't easy to investigate.

"There's mechanisms that we have in place, in the state and in the city, to hopefully root out any offenders that are hurting children,” Lapatin said. “The hardest to find are the ones that hurt their own because it's usually done in the cover of their own house.”

Police said the baby's condition wasn't immediately available.

Meanwhile, neighbors told NBC 10 News off-camera that they saw first responders administering CPR to the baby when they arrived.

Police said the couple had another boy who was taken away at birth by the state Department of Children Youth and Families. The reason is unclear.

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