Pawtucket man sentenced to life in daughter's beating death

Jorge Depina of Pawtucket was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of his 10-year-old daughter. (WJAR)

Jorge Depina, 37, of Pawtucket yelled an expletive at the judge as he left the courtroom Wednesday. He was sentenced to life in prison for the 2013 death of his ten-year-old daughter, Aleida after prosecutors said he whipped her with an electrical wire until her small intestine was perforated causing her death.

"My mom used to beat me a lot," said Depina speaking in Creole through a translator. "I know that whipping doesn't kill."

Depina told the court that he raised his daughter the way his mother raised him in Cape Verde when he was a child.

"Had I known my daughter was going to die, I would have wanted to die before her," Depina continued.

Superior court judge Netti Vogel had none of Depina's pleas, calling him a sadist and a bully, before levying the sentence.

"He beat a child," she said. "He tortured her because he could. She was the perfect victim."

"He continued to beat her, choke her, asking her, 'Do you want me to kill you?'" added prosecutor Shannon Signore.

The prosecution reminded the court of the evidence it presented including several videos showing Depina berating Aleida and seemingly forcing her to do exercises for long periods of time. Defense attorney John MacDonald says Depina was concerned about Aleida's overall health.

"I have no doubt that this concern somehow... turned into an obsession that turned into rage," MacDonald explained to the judge.

Five jurors sat in the gallery for the sentencing after rendering a guilty verdict of second degree murder. They told me they are happy with the verdict. Signore says Depina is a danger to society.

"His lack of remorse says he cannot be rehabilitated, and it wasn't surprising," said Signore.

Depina's defense attorney originally argued that Aleida crashed her bike causing her fatal injuries.

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