Penthouse club reopens less than 1 week after closure

The Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation has granted a stay for Penthouse, a Providence club. (Police photo)

Only five days after a Providence club was shut down, the business is set to reopen.

The Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation has granted a stay for the Penthouse, which is located on South Water Street.

The city's Board of Licenses revoked the club's license on Nov. 2 after a shooting outside the business in October.

Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare blasted the decision on Twitter Tuesday afternoon, calling the order "outrageous."

“This club has shown a total disregard for public safety and decision is dangerous,” he tweeted just before 3:45 p.m.

NBC 10 News asked Pare what prompted the fiery tweet.

"They should have never had dancers. They clearly opened up without any consideration for safety," said Pare.

The club was charged with operating adult entertainment in violation of its license, staying open after hours, and creating a nuisance in the neighborhood.

In one incident, police found women dancing in "bikini/bathing suit-style attire, which fully exposed their buttocks," according to documents obtained by NBC 10.

"They're not under the license. They're not allowed to provide that kind of entertainment," said Pare. "When you have a reputation with a club like this, there's going to be continuing problems.”

Mayor Jorge Elorza also chimed in.

“The Penthouse has continually pushed the limits, it has flouted the law, and it has been a public safety hazard,” he said in part in a statement obtained by NBC 10.

Attorney Nick Hemond filed an appeal, previously noting that the Board was unwilling to talk with the club owners, who had offered to end the go-go dancing.

Attempts to reach members on the Board of Licenses were unsuccessful Tuesday night.

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