Is political correctness going too far?

    Is political correctness going too far? (WJAR)

    Animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, is taking aim at common sayings that it says includes "anti-animal language."

    Sayings like "beat a dead horse," and "be the guinea pig," have been part of American vernacular for generations, but PETA wants to take the proverbial bull by the horns and change that.

    "Our goal here is to teach people to be kind to one another and also to other animal species," said Katherine Van Eckert of PETA.

    This all has come to the forefront following a tweet by PETA on November 28 that included a chart with some popular animal-related sayings, and PETA's suggestion for how to change the idiom to make it less anti-animal.

    Instead of "kill two birds with one stone," for instance, PETA suggests changing the saying to, "feed two birds with one scone."

    Another example the group tweeted out is ,"bring home the bacon." Instead, PETA suggests the change, "bring home the bagels."

    "I think it's kind of silly," said Newport resident Rachel Sandri, a vegetarian who loves animals. "They're just cliches and no one actually means any of that by it."

    While the topic of political correctness remains in the forefront this holiday season, others are dissecting a popular Christmas song and movie.

    Many people have come out against the iconic Christmas song, "Baby It's Cold Outside," alleging it promotes sexual assault in its lyrics. The song is about a man and a woman together at the man's home on a cold, winter night. The lyrics seem to suggest that the woman wants to leave, but the man will not allow it. The song even features a lyric from the woman asking the man what's in a drink that he gave to her.

    The HuffPost took to its Twitter feed to call the seasonal film, "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" "seriously problematic." In a video posted to social media, the HuffPost pointed to many factors, including the movie's promotion of bullying when the other reindeer won't let Rudolph play with them and an adult reindeer even says the line, "From now on, we won't let Rudolph join in any reindeer games, right?" when speaking to the other reindeer.

    Sandri said she thinks the song and the movie should stay. She said they are an important part of Christmas culture, and pundits are missing the point.

    "The (Rudolph) story is triumphant," she said. "It should be focused on the bullying, but overcoming obstacles and stuff because that's what his story is all about."

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