Coventry standoff ends after 36 hours, suspect in custody

Larry LaChance (Police photo/WJAR)

Authorities executed a search warrant of a Coventry home Friday after a 36-hour standoff.

Rhode Island State Police and SWAT teams were called to a home on Raccoon Run Road at 9 a.m. Wednesday on reports of a “domestic disturbance.”

Authorities said 60-year-old Larry LaChance refused to leave the home, which sparked the standoff.

Special units quickly rolled out and setup a perimeter around the home. Neighbors and residents were asked to evacuate their homes as a precaution.

Eventually, police resorted to using tear gas to force LaChance out, but to no avail.

Police said they had constant contact with LaChance. They tried to wear him out during the course of the incident until he relented.

"We tried to keep him up and fatigued, and we continued to talk to him and keep him awake," Coventry Police Chief Col. John MacDonald said.

Capt. John Allen shared similar sentiments.

"It just seemed that it was the right time at this point at night that maybe he had had enough,” Allen said. “We had a good rapport with him and we were able to talk him out of the house."

Police were able to gain entrance to the home with specialized technology and could digitally speak to LaChance and see him. LaChance eventually came out of the home and surrendered peacefully around 7 p.m. on Thursday.

"We especially want to thank the Coventry police chief for his understanding and patience and for making this turn out to be the best outcome it could be,” Tricia Menders, LaChance's ex-wife, said.

His daughter, Lisa LaChance, agreed. She also defended her father.

"He's really a great dad, a great grandfather,” she said. “Really, all he wants now is his family."

When police arrived at the scene Wednesday, they were able to negotiate the release of a woman, who was later identified as LaChance’s other daughter, Christi Patterson.

“She relayed to us that there was a weapon that he had, that he was highly agitated, that he had been drinking, and we knew Mr. LaChance from our previous encounter in 2014.”

LaChance’s daughters told NBC 10 off-camera they are happy the standoff is over.

"I'm just so glad that he's out safe,” Patterson said. “I'm so glad that he's OK. I'm so glad it's all done."

LaChance, who is being held without bail at the ACI on a preexisting bench warrant for failure to appear for arraignment, was taken from the scene in an ambulance. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, domestic disorderly conduct, domestic failure to relinquish a phone, as well as discharge of a firearm in close quarters.

LaChance will be arraigned Monday at Kent Courthouse in Warwick as authorities continue an investigation.

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