Police find a flipped car and a shot man in Providence shooting

Police find a flipped car and a shot man in Providence shooting

Providence Police responded to a home invasion call Monday night at 275 California Avenue and found a Toyota Camry flipped on its side and nearby a bloodstained man.

The bleeding man was identified as Jukumu Felder, 27, who was observed by police holding his hand over a bloody spot on his lower back, which was later determined to be a bullet wound. Police also made contact with Kevend Castillo, 20, who told police he and Felder were driving from a gas station when they turned on California Avenue and began hearing gunshots.

In the statement, Castillo says he couldn’t tell where the gunshots were coming from and lost control of the car while fleeing from the shots and flipped the car after hitting a concrete wall. He told police he and Felder ran into the backyard and then the residence at 375 California Avenue, causing the owner to call police.

Both Felder and Castillo say they did not see the shooter nor the vehicle used.

Felder was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for care.

Police say they recovered 14 spent bullet cartridges. Security footage was only able to make out a silver vehicle as the possible shooter’s getaway.

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