Police: Former Rep. Watson breaks into home, found nude and bleeding

Former Rhode Island House minority leader Robert Watson was arrested by East Greenwich Police on a breaking and entering charge. (WJAR)

Former Rhode Island Rep. Robert Watson was arrested and charged with breaking into his neighbor’s home in East Greenwich Monday. And police have now released information about the incident.

Watson, who is known to police, was found standing in his neighbor’s living room naked and bleeding, according to a police report.

Watson, the former Rhode Island House Minority Leader, allegedly walked into the South Pierce Road home where he appeared disoriented. Watson, who was completely naked and covering his private parts, walked in the home, put down a basket and began to wipe himself down in the kitchen. He then walked into the pantry, according to a witness statement.

Police say Watson was not responsive to any of his commands, was visibly agitated and argued with rescue personnel and police.

Watson, who had violated his probation, was transported to Kent Hospital where he was arraigned.

Watson, who has a history of run-ins with police, was on probation after being charged by the East Greenwich Police Dept. with assault and battery as well as disorderly conduct, after his own client accused Watson of attacking him with a padlock.

“He grabbed this pad lock off the seat and tried to hit me in the face with it, but I blocked it on my arm,” his client Michael Martin said in an interview with the NBC 10 I-Team on May 31.

Prior to the incident with his client, Watson was accused of getting into an argument with a bank manager and damaging property at Citizens Bank branch on Frenchtown Road. Police obtained video surveillance which showed Watson leaving the bank and kicking in the door, shattering the glass.

In January 2012, Watson was arrested in South Kingstown after a snowplow driver called to report an erratic motorist. When police pulled him over, they found marijuana and a pipe in Watson's vehicle, along with an opened beer can. Watson plead not guilty in that case.

Watson's trouble with the law goes back even further to 2011 when he was arrested in New Haven, Conn. after he was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint.

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