Police: Man suffers ‘significant hand injury’ in Mansfield


A Blackstone man suffered what authorities are calling “a significant hand injury” at the Mansfield train station Friday afternoon.

A preliminary investigation by officers determined the man tried to light a single firecracker. After lighting the fuse, the man tried picking up the firecracker again, and it exploded in his hand, according to the department's Facebook page.

Chief Ronald Sellon of the Mansfield Police Department said police are investigating the incident.

A parking officer applied a tourniquet to the 38-year-old man's hand. The victim was transported to the Rhode Island Hospital Trauma Center.

While Sellon said the area was checked by Massachusetts State Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal dogs “and is safe to normal pedestrians and user traffic,” authorities are asking people to stay away from the scene.

He added that it “appears to be an isolated incident near the tracks,” also noting that there aren’t any expected delays for the upcoming scheduled train stops.

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