Police: Two women arrested in connection with chase, crash


Two women were arrested on charges stemming from a police chase in Massachusetts Tuesday afternoon, according to authorities.

Fairhaven police said 45-year-old Jeannine Vickery crashed into three police cars, prompting a chase that started at the Fairhaven Commons shopping plaza at about 3 p.m. Sherrie Masse, 33, was a passenger, said police.

Authorities said the car was parked in the fire lane and that an officer ran the plates, which came back as stolen.

When officers tried to stop the car, it hit their cruisers and did not stop. Police said the chase went on for several miles on some main streets.

“The risk to the public was minimal as far as terminating the pursuit, where they did slow down to speeds of approximately 30 miles per hour,” Lt. Kevin Kobza of the Fairhaven Police Department said. “We felt it was safe to continue the engagement, where they had already struck two police vehicles and failed to stop. We felt it was imperative to continue on.”

The action ended in the north end of New Bedford. Police said the previous poor condition of the car, along with the damage from the crashes, forced it to stop on Seabury Street.

Authorities said they subdued Vickery with an electric shock. They said stolen merchandise and drug paraphernalia was found in the car.

One of two cruisers that was hit had some scuffs on the front end. An undercover car was hit, too.

Police said the suspects are from New Bedford and both had active warrants, with Vickery's warrant for larceny and resisting arrest and Masse's for unarmed robbery.

An investigation is underway, said police, adding that more charges will likely follow.

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