Power restoration efforts continue in Bristol County

Tree falls on Seekonk Public Library, with roof and books suffering damage. (WJAR) 

Homeowners on Maple Lane in Rehoboth are waiting patiently for their electricity to return after the weekend nor'easter battered Massachusetts.

"Everyone is running on generators," Tom Doran told NBC 10 News on Monday.

Doran said he received a voicemail from National Grid that said power has been restored in his area Sunday, but he is still without power.

Neighbor Jordan Albert said the outage is costing him.

"It's $50 a trip for fuel just to keep the generator running," Albert said.

Meanwhile, Seekonk Public Schools were closed Monday due to power outages. and the Seekonk Meadows Library was cleaning up after a tree tore into it, damaging hundreds of books.

Generators humming in dark neighborhoods were a common sight throughout the weekend, as the strong storm brought down trees and power lines.

Utility crews had to wait for winds to die down before starting restoration efforts, which is part of the reason why some people still don’t have power.

According to National Grid, 26,354 customers in Massachusetts were without electricity as of late Monday afternoon, with 4,940 of those customers in Bristol County.

Eversource reported that 19,648 customers without power in eastern Massachusetts., with 1,019 customers in Bristol County.

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