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Professional cleaning crews called to fentanyl overdose sites

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Law enforcement officials are calling on professional biohazard cleaning company 24 Trauma more than ever, according to company president Michael Wiseman.

“We specialize in bodily fluid, death, infectious diseases,” Wiseman told NBC 10 News. “The clean-up of fentanyl is extremely important that it’s done right away.”

Over the years, law enforcement officers and their K-9s have been given overdose antidote naloxone when exposed to the potent drug.

“If you hold it in your hand and you have a cut or it gets under a fingernail and enters your system in any way, you can have an exposure or overdose just from being in contact with the drug,” Wiseman said.

An eight-month-old girl who died in Coventry was later found to have fentanyl in her system in 2017. Her parents are charged with cruelty.

24 Trauma trains law enforcement officers in response procedures.

“They’re put in danger every day,” 24 Trauma’s Vice President of Strategic Relationships Kerry Delano said. “So, just to add a bit of knowledge to what they already know, that makes me feel good.”

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