Protesters ask RI politician who posted 'sexist' tweet to resign

Sean Todd, the vice president of the East Greenwich Town Council, is under fire after he posted what many are calling an offensive tweet about women who participated in the Women’s March in Rhode Island and Washington, D.C., as well as in cities and towns across the nation.

"Definitely a guy came up with the idea for the #womensmarch perfect way to get the wives outta (sic) the house,” Todd tweeted on Sunday.

The tweet was later deleted and Todd issued an apology the next morning.

“I’m deeply sorry for my tweet yesterday,” Todd posted Monday. “Though it was meant as a joke, it was in poor taste, and understandably ended up offending many of the people that I’m honored to represent. Yesterday’s march was pretty awesome, and a perfect example of the peaceful expression that is a (part) of our democracy. I support all of you who marched, and saw a lot of my friends around the country out there.”

Todd also said he would “love to address your individual concerns” and shared his phone number.

But Hilary Levey Friedman, who is the chair of the East Greenwich Democratic Town Committee, organized a protest, which was held at Monday night’s council meeting.

Levey Friedman emailed NBC 10 News, noting that she planned the rally “to let him know that this is unacceptable language.”

"Our jaws just dropped -- not least of which because we were literally at the March,” she later told NBC 10 during an interview. “Here is the highest ranking official in our town, seemingly denigrating our experience."

At the meeting, a 10-year-old girl spoke out against Todd.

"It does not change the fact that it was not funny and we will not be silent,” she said of Todd’s apology.

Others also addressed Todd, noting that they want more than an admission of regret from him.

"I will not accept his apology, but I will accept his resignation as vice president of town council," one woman said.

Only one person defended Todd.

"Sean took down the post immediately and issued a heartfelt apology the next day,” a woman said.

While NBC 10 reached out to Todd a number of times to hear more of his side of the story, he didn’t respond.

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