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Police: One arrested after fight breaks out at Providence dance club

Mi Sueño in Providence, Rhode Island. (WJAR){ }
Mi Sueño in Providence, Rhode Island. (WJAR)
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Providence police said one man was arrested after a fight broke out at Mi Sueño club in Providence on Sunday.

A video circulating on social media shows customers fighting inside the Providence dance club and bar. People are seen hitting and punching each other, some of them tossing furniture.

Alexander Burgos Cerda, 20, of Providence, was arrested at the scene after police discovered a gun in his fanny pack. Cerda was charged with possession of a gun without a license and appeared in court Monday.

Some people who live nearby told NBC 10 the restaurant starts blasting music early on Sunday mornings. They said sometimes it is so loud they cannot hear their own thoughts or televisions.

"Music is blasting like crazy, you get halfway up the street and you hear all this, don't even turn on your tv in your house because there's no watching tv," said Nina Massey of Providence.

Massey said the place can get so loud, but she said she has never seen it the way it is captured in the video, with food and cups flying while a man is pushed to the ground and a table falls on him.

"It's just chaos, I don't remember Broad Street being this chaotic, it's very disappointing," Massey said.

"It's too much people around I feel like the energy is not well, it's crazy," Hamlet Colon of Providence added.

NBC 10 stopped at the dance club Monday, but no one was there.

Police said they are investigating the incident and Mi Sueño is scheduled for a hearing with the Providence Board of Licenses on Wednesday.

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