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Rabid raccoon attacks Massachusetts woman in her backyard

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A Malden woman will go through a series of rabies vaccines after she was attacked by a rabid raccoon in her backyard.

Laurie Rose said she went outside to put her chicken in its pen on Saturday when she saw the raccoon. She said it charged at her and would not let go of her heel, WCVB reported.

Rose's husband, Brad Day, heard her yell and rushed outside to help. He said fending off the raccoon was challenging because he is blind, but it eventually let go of Rose's ankle after Day hit it with a pan several times, the news station reported.

Shortly after, the couple called the police.

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Malden Police Officer Michael Polston said the raccoon was “nasty and determined.” The officer said he shot the animal because it charged at him.

Rose wasn't seriously injured but since the raccoon tested positive for rabies, she is undergoing several rabies vaccines.

Malden Animal Control Officer Kevin Alkins warned that people should not approach wild animals and should vaccinate their pets, the news station reported.

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