Raimondo unveils RI's new $5M tourism campaign

After months of planning, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo unveiled the state’s new $5 million tourism campaign Monday. (WJAR)

After months of planning, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo unveiled the state's new $5 million tourism campaign Monday.

The old slogan, "Discover Beautiful Rhode Island," will now be replaced with, "Rhode Island: Cooler and Warmer."

The goal, said Raimondo, is to attract tourism and business to the Ocean State.

"Our cities are cool and hip and in the summer it's warm and our beaches are great, but also our culture is warm," Raimondo said. "Rhode Island is inviting. It's a warm place. It's a place that everyone wants to be."

But Raimondo said the plan isn't just about bringing more tourists to the state's beaches, as the campaign will target business from nearby cities and states and try to get them to relocate to Rhode Island and bring new jobs with them.

"We want everyone to have the same love for Rhode Island that we do," Raimondo said. "We want people to know our beaches are terrific (and) our restaurants are great and wonderful. So, let's tell the people of the world and get people to come here, spend money and boost our economy."

Raimondo made the announcement at the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation in Providence.

The "Cooler and Warmer" slogan was designed by the same artist who made the iconic "I Love New York" logo.

But it is just the first step in the plan.

Along with the new slogan, there will also be a new "Visit Rhode Island" website, as well as paid advertising on Google and Yahoo, and social media content on Facebook and Twitter.

Raimondo said the funds budgeted for the program will finally bring Rhode Island in line with states like Connecticut and Delaware when it comes to marketing.

As the state waits to find out if "Cooler and Warmer" will be as successful as "I Love New York," residents are left wondering what exactly the new slogan means.

"I don't quite get the theme behind 'Cooler and Warmer,'" said Rachel Scarpato, while Georgette Atiemoh guessed, "the weather change maybe?"

Rhode Islanders are also sounding off about the state's new logo. While some people said they like the simplistic look of it, others called the new design "embarrassing."

"To me, it looks kind of tacky," said Atiemoh," but Romy McClure noted that "it's cool."

The state is paying for the plan by taking money from the hotel tax that would usually go the general fund.

NBC 10 posted the story to the station's Facebook page, with more than 1,100 people sounding off.

There's already a parody Twitter account based on the new slogan. Click here to view it.

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