Red Sox fan says he was stabbed in LA after World Series win


A Boston Red Sox fan said he was stabbed several times and robbed in Los Angeles after the World Series victory.

Instead of celebrating the win with family and friends, Josh Davis spent it in the hospital.

Davis, 36, of Fall River, told KNBC he woke up in the emergency room.

"Five stab wounds, fractured nose, missing teeth now," he said.

He was hurt just hours after his favorite team won the championship.

"Perks of being a Red Sox fan, huh?" he said.

Davis said two men who were dressed in Dodgers gear confronted him on the sidewalk that night.

"They said, ‘Get your (expletive) out of here. This is damn Dodger country out here,’” he said.

Words were exchanged, which led to blows.

Davis said about 10 men ganged up on him and attacked him.

"They got the best of me,” he said, adding that he was stabbed multiple times with what he believes was a screwdriver.

Davis, who said the suspects also stole his wallet and phone, is recovering and said he won't let the incident ruin a sweet victory.

"I have some Dodger fan friends,” he said. “I won't let one bad apple ruin it, or 10."

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