Relatives continue to seek justice in murder of Central Falls girl

Relatives continue to seek justice in murder of Central Falls girl. (NBC10 Photo)

Relatives of a Central Falls girl who was brutally murdered are still searching for justice.

The murder of seven-year-old Michelle Norris has gone unsolved for nearly 30 years.

The Central Falls girl was found sexually assaulted and beaten 4 days after she had disappeared from a park where she had playing.

May will mark 30 years since Michelle was killed, her murder still unsolved.

The case getting new attention recently when former Central Falls Detective Sergeant Derrick Levasseur appeared with Michelle's mother on Megyn Kelly Today show after the cold case was featured on Levasseur's new television series Breaking Homicide.

Her relatives at this walk hope shedding new light on the case will help solve it.

The current Central Falls detective working on the case, tells NBC10 they have several persons of interest and followed up on a tip with the Attorney General’s office before the show aired.

Detective Jeff Araujo says while the program itself didn't reveal anything new to investigators, it did generate several calls, that police are still following up on.

On Saturday, a week before her birthday, marchers walked to the park where Michelle's life was horrifically cut short.

Hoping by keeping her memory alive, they will finally find the truth of who caused her death.

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