Report: Convicted money launderer Saccoccia wants gold bars returned

Prosecutors display the gold bars seized from Stephen Saccoccia. (WJAR)

A Cranston coin dealer who is serving a 660-year sentence for money laundering wants some of his assets returned.

Through his lawyers, Stephen Saccoccia has asked for the return of gold bars, jewelry, money and other assets seized by the federal government 25 years ago when he was convicted of laundering Colombian drug cartel money. Saccoccia was sentenced to 660 years in prison.

The Providence Journal reported Wednesday that Saccoccia says a lot of his assets were not obtained criminally and that he wants them returned.

Saccoccia's wife, Donna, was released in 2004 and says she needs some of those assets to help pay the $136 million that the court ordered the two of them to pay.

The gold bars and other items were seized from safety deposit boxes at banks in this country and numerous others, and some were found buried at Saccoccia's mother's home in the basement and the back yard.

In the 1980s, Saccoccia was also accused of stealing gold from other business owners and other offenses.

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