Rhode Island bills trucks $625,000 in first month of tolling

Rhode Island bills trucks $625,000 in first month of tolling. (WJAR)

Rhode Island has billed about $625,000 to trucks in its first month of tolling.

The state Department of Transportation released data Wednesday from its new program. It said the amount billed was about $27,000 more than was estimated.

The state’s first two electronic truck tolls are located on Interstate 95 in Exeter and Hopkinton.

Nearly 190,000 trucks were tolled in the first month.

Lawmakers authorized the system to help pay for crumbling roads and bridges. A total of 14 gantries are planned. Current law only allows for tolling trucks, not cars.

A trucking industry group sued the state last week, saying the tolls unfairly target commercial trucks.

The DOT says the system is working as expected.

Connecticut’s governor ordered a study Tuesday to assess possible tolling there.

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